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THIS WEEK : Get started with finding out the hidden story of your house

TALKBOARD : The Victorian and Edwardian Eras in Brighton and Hove with author Dr Sue Berry

LATEST IN DIRECTORY : Preston and Patcham Society launches new web platform


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tweet from Clare Fiona Tyler

LONDON ROAD STATION: The tweet now arriving on this platform: Clare Fiona Tyler puts Parker Dann in their place

In reply to Parker Dann Clare Fiona Tyler ‏@clarefiona @ParkerDann so you couldn't vary a section 106 agreement but doing it anyway? https://twitter.com/clarefiona … [Read More...]

Brighton Society launches new web platform: Brighton would be greater if we were more sensitive to much of our magical built environment

Brighton Society: new web platform IMAGE CREDIT: Argus Editor, Arron Hendy New editor takes the helm in a fresh start for The Argus Letters Argus Friday 10 February … [Read More...]

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SUPPORT THE DITCHLING RISE PETITION: Old Railway Allotment Clearance & Petition to save London Road Station Slow worms

At the January Drara meeting residents expressed concern at the clearance of former Old Railway allotments – the stretch of land sandwiched between the Open House pub and London … [Read More...]

King Alfred. Rumours; questions; with answers from the Horse’s Mouth

article re-published by kind permission saveHove 01.01.2017…..A tantalising comment appeared in one of Tim Ridgway’s weekly Argus columns which hinted at a Crest Nicholson attempt … [Read More...]

THE KEEP EVENTS: Get started with finding out the hidden story of your house

Get started with finding out the hidden story of your house with this afternoon session led by our in-house researcher Andrew Lusted. All houses have stories to tell and this … [Read More...]

Sussex Police Liaison Officer wins Queens Medal in New Year Honour List

A Sussex Police officer who oversaw the introduction of one of the UK's first teams of police family liaison officers has been awarded the Queen's Police Medal in the New Year … [Read More...]

A Christmas Message from the Bishop of Chichester

Those with no place to call home The challenge of reaching out to the stranger in our midst is at the heart of the Bishop of Chichester's Christmas message which is released … [Read More...]

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Selma Montford steps down as Honorary Secretary of Brighton Society after 40 years: I despair at current state of developments in city

The current state of developments in the city: I despair. The problem is that building land is expensive, owners require a substantial profit on their development but have had to … [Read More...]

Preston and Patcham Society

LATEST: New platform launched November 2016: As well as news and information and details about the background of the society, together with the Muriel Elms Collection, a gallery of … [Read More...]

Moshimo Skylight restaurant: Response Brighton Society

The decision to give planning approval to the Moshimo Skylight restaurant is one of the worst planning decisions in recent years. This is no ordinary site – it is in the Old … [Read More...]