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LATEST IN DIRECTORY : Preston and Patcham Society launches new web platform


Welcome to Civic Brighton and Hove, a weekly news based platform that presents the work of amenity and community based associations across the city.

As well as news, information and archives you will find pages dedicated to particular associations, and their history, current work and campaigns.

An interactive calendar enables amenity societies to promote, edit, store and present all their own events.

Current campaigns, key public meetings, controversial developments and success stories appear on a weekly basis here on the homepage.

An archive facility enables the associations, the public and the media to retrieve stories and talk about the issues that matter at a local level in Brighton and Hove related to conservation and neighbourhood promotion.

As well as the promotion of workshops, talks and meetings through the calendar, there is also a social media platform that will offer daly news updates.

We aim to present the work of up to 120 societies, associations and community groups, developing a comprehensive resource which will become a valuable asset to the city and an insight into the richness of the activity that takes place at a local level every day of the week.

As well as sponsored posts, hyper-local business advertising and banner sponsorship options there are also services on offer to help associations to promote their own campaigns, including workshops on web development, the implementation of petition based campaigns and the use of engagement tools to harvest opinion and debate.

Nothing of this comprehensive nature has been engineered before in Brighton and Hove.

We estimate that the audience for the platform will reach 20,000—50,000 page views within the first three month.

Most importantly, in the modern digital age, we aim to give amenity societies from across the city, the opportunity to learn form each other.

Selma Montford MBE
Simon Montgomery