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For the past forty-few years the association has been doing its best to protect our conservation area from unwelcome developments

In the 1980s we fought off plans to build a motorway-style road down to the seafront. More recently we successfully defeated plans to rob much of the area of its seaview by putting additional storeys on top of the tallest building in Western Road. And last year we finally persuaded the council that it should not allow the much-loved main building of the former Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital to be demolished. The council’s planning committee approved a plan to convert the main building on 23rd February 2011.

The Montpelier and Clifton Hill Association is a registered charity. We currently have about 250 members. The association holds a permanent seat on the Brighton and Hove City Council’s Conservation Advisory Group and is one of its oldest members. We have regular meetings. For central Brighton residents who join MCHA we offer:

The MCHA adopted a new constitution at its AGM in June 2011. The constitution is closely based on the Charity Commission’s model constitution for charities of our size.

The old constitution was 38 years old, and beginning to show its age. It dated from the days before there was a conservation area.

One of the key changes in the new constitution is to expand the area to cover those parts of the conservation area, notably Wykeham Terrace and St Nicholas’s church and churchyard, that lie to the east of Dyke Road. This will make it easier for the MCHA to challenge the ice rink plans.