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Parking space for twelve more bikes became available last Friday afternoon

By early evening the new bike racks, on the corner of Shaftesbury Road, alongside The Signalman garden, were already filling up.

These spaces have been installed following discussions between Drara and relevant authorities as neighbours expressed concern about the number of bikes on trees and railings – which can obstruct pavements and fall over into roads. In easy reach of London Road Station (and handy for the pub), these were funded as part of an ongoing initiative to integrate local transport.

Also on Friday secure parking for six bikes arrived in the form of Brighton’s first Bikehangar – a style of on street lock up successfully used in Lambeth and other areas.

This storage is funded by, and initially part of, an electric bike trial being run by University of Brighton.

Once the trial use is over, the Bikehangar will be handed over to the management of Drara with spaces available to rent for nearby residents. Detail of how we will operate the secure parking has yet to be finalised and will be discussed at the next Drara meeting on 17th September.

This extra space for 18 bikes takes up about two former car parking spaces.

A recent survey undertaken in the neighbourhood found around 15% empty parking spaces on our streets in the evening, so this should not affect anyone’s ability to park their car, and, we hope, will help declutter pavements and encourage more cycle use.