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North Laine Community Association

The North Laine Community Association (NLCA) is one of the older community associations in Brighton

lt was set up in 1976 when the area was under threat of a motorway and has been active in campaigning for the residents of the area ever since.

Together with the North Laine Traders Association, it provides a vital and important link in the consultation process and has been involved in discussions about many of the major schemes that affect this important and vibrant area.

Organisation, officers and meetings

The NLCA aims to be as democratic as possible. Although there are officers – Chair, Secretary and Treasurer – who fulfil the normal functions of those posts, the management of the NLCA is the monthly meeting open to all residents of the North Laine area (apart from August when there is no meeting). There are no committees and decisions are made by majority vote of the residents attending.

The meetings are advertised on posters in street representatives’ windows and in the Association’s newsletter, the North Laine Runner.
Membership and voting rights

All residents of the North Laine area are entitled to call themselves members of the Association, to attend the meetings and to vote. There are no membership fees or other requirements.

Others interested in North Laine are also welcome to attend meetings (but not to vote) and we often have individuals and organisations from surrounding areas who wish to consult with us. We will not support any commercial organisation that might gain from an association with the NLCA.

Street representatives

We also have a system of street representatives who look after particular streets and deliver the North Laine Runner, and a number of people who represent the NLCA on various bodies.
What we do

Anything which concerns the residents of the area, for example:

Planning issues, whether major developments or small changes which will affect the area

Policing and crime
Traffic and parking
Rubbish and recycling

We also have occasional social events, talks and fund-raising activities.
Special interest groups

In addition, we sometimes have special interest groups affiliated to the Association (for example, the Theatre Group), provided someone in the area wants to run them and there are no ethical problems or conflicts in relation to the aims of the NLCA.