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The London Road Station Partnership is a group of neighbours living near the lovely nineteenth-century London Road station, just outside the centre of Brighton

Through our local Residents’ Association (DRARA), we got together with Southern Railway in April 2011 to set up a station community partnership.

We now garden on two small plots on either side of the station building. In one (triangle on the aerial photo below), we’re growing shade-tolerant ornamental plants and in the other (blob on the photo), we have edible plants, including a mini-orchard of local apple trees, pears and a plum, in raised beds . We also run a community composting scheme at the station and are branching out to take on planting and maintenance of the planters at Preston Circus.

We get together regularly to work on the gardens, usually on a TUESDAY between 3pm and 5.30pm. We tend to meet up at the edible plot, by the railway bridge on the south side of the station. We’d be delighted to welcome anybody who’s interested in community gardening, particularly if you live nearby. And get in touch if you’d like to compost your kitchen vegetable waste.