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Wish Park Residents Association

We’re a group of residents who live in the Wish Park area. If you live in Wish Road, Tandridge Road, Norman Road, Tennis Road, Marine Avenue, or Saxon Road and want to get involved, please contact us

That Was the Year, That Was:

2012 was our second year in the veg garden: the threatened drought, complete with hosepipe ban, didn’t last long and instead we had rather more rain than we would have wished for! Like most gardeners, we had our successes and failures over the year. Potato blight and tomato blight both hit, probably because of the weather, although we managed to harvest the potato crop. Newly dug potatoes, especially the oddly shaped little Pink Fir Apples, taste wonderful, a revelation to those of us used to supermarket potatoes. Brassicas in particular were hit by pests in spite of our best endeavours to protect them. Caterpillar hunting was an exciting diversion but we are planning better protection this year.

And one of the big successes of the year were the glorious sunflowers, which could be seen from across the park.

Sarah’s Pond has been a magnet for children. It has built-up wooden sides for safety and Pete, our wonderful carpenter, built in an opening above water level for the hoped-for frogs to go in and out with the help of a ramp. We were given some water plants and some tadpoles, even a fully grown frog, so we hope they will have learned to call it home and come back to breed this year.

Chantelle, a local Park Ranger, made us a wonderful recycled oak table that we will use for cooking, eating, sorting out seeds and crops and anything else. There is a local legend that an elephant died at a circus in the park and was buried there, but this sturdy table, with legs set well into the ground, may also be an item of interest to future archaeologists! We are now hoping to have some benches made from recycled wood so that we can actually sit at the table.

An orchard of six apple trees (Sussex varieties) and two plum trees were planted near the veg garden early in the year by Brighton Permaculture Trust, with plenty of help from local volunteers. It will take a year or two to see results but eventually we hope the blossom in the spring and fruit later in the year will be a great addition to the park.

Community composting bins were installed nearby and we completed laying down a wheelchair-friendly surface to enable access by all.