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Friends of Blaker’s Park at Fiveways

The Friends began in 1989 as a community group to protect the park from a specific threat – the proposal to lay a hard surface over the southernmost area and “condense” the playground. A well-organised campaign prevented it from happening and the area is now the extremely popular children’s playground.

From that enthusiastic launch, the Friends has grown into a local institution, focused on enhancing the park. We chivvy and work with the Council to keep the park up to scratch. We improve the park through our planting programme. We put on community events. We support neighbourhood organisations and community groups that wish to use the park.

There is a committee of volunteers and everyone who has good ideas and wants to help is welcome to get involved.

Membership is open to all and is ridiculously affordable at £3 a year. Our strength is in our numbers so why not join today?