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‘We are pleased to have launched the Living Wage Map of Brighton and Hove in association with the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce and Sea PR Consultancy’, writes Digital Tactics, a Hove based digital media company, on their blog.

The Living Wage Map of Britain is a pilot project currently focussed on Brighton and Hove. The project illustrates businesses that have committed to paying the living wage and supporting the living wage campaign across the city.

It is the first time in the country that the campaign has been visualised in this way. It brings to life the range of businesses and organisations in the city that have signed up to the principles behind the work of the Living Wage Foundation.

The site can be browsed here: http://livingwage.businessmapofbritain.co.uk/brighton

Digitial Tactics describe the vision behind the pilot project;

‘Ultimately we are aiming to create a UK-wide illustration of the progress of the living wage campaign, plus localised segments representing and promoting the areas where the campaign is active’.

‘The Living Wage Map is a fun, sharable, interactive view for companies signed up to the Living Wage campaign to investigate the campaign’.

The company adds that the maps, as well as being of value to businesses could also be useful to schools ‘studying the campaign from a political or citizenship point of view’, as well as the general public.

The map is accessible on desktop computers, tablet devices such as iPads and mobile phones; it can also be embedded into websites.

For more information on the Living Wage Campaign in Brighton and Hove visit: www.livingwagebrighton.co.uk

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