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The Argus (19 April) is reporting that new parking restrictions planned for dozens of Brighton streets have already sparked disapproval from local business owners.

Brighton and Hove City Council is currently carrying out a consultation on plans, which could be brought in within months, to introduce the new scheme in the Lewes Road Triangle.

The proposed scheme would operate between 9 am – 8 pm, Monday to Sunday and provide bays for use by residents and their visitors, businesses and services. The proposals also address other issues, such as double parking and parking on pavements and double yellow lines, with a view to improving safety for pedestrians as well as improving traffic flow and access for emergency vehicles.

Questionnaires are being sent to all households in the area and residents have until 9 May 2014 to respond.

The consultation is in response to the city wide parking review where the council received comments and complaints from local residents about parking problems in the area.

One comment on the latest article in the Argus, from an ex trader in the Lewes Road, appears to speak for many of the businesses in the area.

‘I used to run a computer repair shop on Lewes Road, without customers being able to pull up and drop off pc towers we would have gone out of business! Public transport is not always an option when you are buying large goods! None of my friends shop in Brighton anymore because parking is such a nightmare!’.

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