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Circus Street
Anston House

The Circus Street image that you have utilised is rather misleading (it’s the developer’s con). Those spaces between the buildings will get little light and minimal sunshine.

Perhaps you should choose something less attractive for the Civic Brighton and Hove platform?

The Brighton Society welcomes the conversion of Anston House to flats, but we are violently opposed to the black cladding which is so somber and will absorb light. It bears no relation to mathematical tiles which are brick sized, and glossy so they reflect light which the developer claims are similar to their horrid big dead black tiled cladding.

We would like to see more of the office blocks along the Preston Road converted to flats. Some of the office buildings are empty, some are only partially occupied and are unpopular with owners and staff members.

Selma Montford
Hon. Secretary, Brighton Society