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It has been confirmed that City College Brighton and Hove’s planning application for redevelopment works at the City College East Campus on Wilson Avenue was approved at the Brighton & Hove City Council Planning Committee meeting on 4th June.

The redevelopment works at the site include the provision of a new Construction Trades Centre which will enable the consolidation of all the College’s construction trades education in one single ‘state of the art’ training facility. Building work on the project is scheduled to commence late in 2014.

‘We’re delighted that we can proceed with this exciting project’, said Colin Henderson, City College’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer. ‘

Currently, Construction Trades at the College are delivered independently of each other at three separate College sites and this doesn’t reflect actual site conditions or allow efficient use of College space.

The proposed new facility will enable learners in the different trades to work together and follow each other through the construction process, mirroring true construction site conditions. The new development will provide a modern educational facility of which the College and the city can be proud.’

For further information on Construction courses at City College, call 01273 667759, email info@ccb.ac.uk or see www.ccb.ac.uk