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Law and philosophy experts from the University of Sussex will be joining thinking drinkers at the national Philosophy in Pubs (PIPs) conference in Hove this year from Friday 6 until Sunday 8 June.

The PIPs annual conference 2014 will be taking place at The Imperial Hotel In Hove and will be marking the 100th anniversary of the First World War by focusing on the different aspects of conflict in our lives.

Dr Tarik Kochi, Senior Lecturer in Law & International Security and author of The Other’s War, will be giving the opening presentation on Friday 6 June, posing the question: Is war ever justified?

Philosophy Professor, Michael Morris, will be discussing ‘Conflict on the Mind’ on Saturday 7 June, raising questions about personal conflict such as: What happens when we have to overcome strong feelings in order to do something? – or when we give into temptation? What kind of conflict is this?

Dr Kochi and Professor Morris will be joined by a number of philosophy writers and academics over the course of the weekend including guest speaker Julian Baggini, author and founder of The Philosophers’ Magazine.

The conference is open to all PIPs members, friends and like-minded individuals who believe in spreading the idea of philosophical thinking in the community. More information about the PIPs conference can be found online.

Philosophy in Pubs is a grass-roots organisation promoting and practising community philosophy in the UK and worldwide; the conference brings together thinkers from local PIPs groups.

Brighton’s PIPs, who are hosting this year’s conference, meet at 7pm on the second Sunday of every month at the Palmeira pub in  Cromwell Road, Hove.

Anyone can attend these monthly meetings and propose a topic for discussion for the price of a drink and a small voluntary donation. Find out more about Brighton’s PIPs on their website.