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University of Brighton
10th Jun 2014 2:30pm
Grand Parade

Join Patricio Forrester (Artmongers Unlimited) as he shares his experience of over 15 years of art practice in public art / community engagement realm.

Patricio will consider finding your place and direction after University, becoming relevant to others outside the art world (ie. what is the point of making art and being an artist?), making the right choices and revisiting your ideas of artistic success.

The session will also cover setting up your own organisation, the challenges of making a living out of your art practice and thinking outside of academic environments.

Finally, Patricio will help you understand your slow burning development, considering where your art will/might take you…

About Patricio
Patricio was born in Buenos Aires in 1967. At age of 11 he started taking drawing and painting classes with Kenneth Kemble with whom he studied for over 7 years. He graduated from the National School of Arts, Pridiliano Pueyrredon in 1992 and later took his M.A. in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College, South East London, where he lives and works since 1995. Straight out of College started making artworks that could be seen the streets and on mundane situations, wearable artworks, on cars, walking billboards, trees, walls, bins, etc. Instead of aiming to become part of the art world he began a process of localized production around Deptford, New Cross and Telegraph Hill. After the success of his mural ‘His’n’ Hers, Lewisham Council offered him a place in a Sustainable Enterprise Course where he set up Artmongers. During the next ten years, his work multiplied in Landmarks as well as extended into collaborative processes involving other disciplines such as Dance, Choreography and Music – all with focus on bringing the arts to our shared public spaces.

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