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Brighton and Hove City Council
release date 14 July 2014

Work to improve the safety of the Vogue Gyratory starts today, 14 July 2014. To minimise disruption to residents and journeys, the work will be completed in three phases over a 20 week period. To view details of the three phases please download the Vogue Gyratory programme of work (PDF 126kb).

Pedestrian and vehicle access to both Sainsbury’s and the BP filling station will be maintained throughout the work and all businesses and services within the area will be open as usual.

There will inevitably be some delays while these important safety improvements are being carried out, and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

A summary of each of the construction phases is summarised below:

Phase 1 – Monday 14 July until mid-August

  • A single lane on the northbound carriageway will be closed to facilitate footway works in the centre of the gyratory.
  • No road closures will be in place during this phase.
  • Access to all properties to be maintained throughout the works.

 Phase 2 – Mid-August until mid-October

  • Temporary closure of Upper Lewes Road (east) at the Lewes Road junction.   Access to all properties will be maintained and the rest of Upper Lewes Road will remain open. Advance warning signs will be in place before the closure is put into effect.
  • Temporary on-demand pedestrian crossings will operate while the old traffic signal equipment is removed at the southern end of the junction.
  • At times, we will need to reduce the northbound carriageway to a single lane. This will be kept to a minimum and only when necessary to ensure the safety of construction workers on site.
  • The Sainsbury’s bus stop will be suspended throughout this phase. To access Sainsbury’s by bus, please use either the Melbourne Street or Lewes Road Bus Garage stops.

Phase 3 – Mid-October until December

  • Temporary closure of Bear Road at the Lewes Road junction for approximately two weeks while traffic signals are upgraded and the carriageway is resurfaced. Access to all properties will be maintained and the rest of Bear Road will remain open. Advance warning signs will be in place before the closure is put into effect.
  • Temporary on-demand pedestrian crossings will operate whilst the old traffic signal equipment is removed at the northern end of the junction.
  • The temporary closure of access to Upper Lewes Road in Phase 2 will continue.
  • Localised footway works and pedestrian island improvements.

Background and key benefits for all road users

The initial proposals for the Vogue Gyratory that were developed as part of the Lewes Road Improvement Scheme were supported through public consultation in 2012.

The consultation responses indicated that 65% of consultees supported road safety and traffic flow improvements at the gyratory junction and also raised concerns for all road user groups.

On 29 April 2014 the final design for this scheme was approved for implementation at the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee and works are due to start in July 2014. For further details see the full Vogue Gyratory Improvement committee report (PDF 94kb) and the Vogue Gyratory Improvement Plan (PDF 605kb).

The key benefits of the scheme include:

Improvements for motorised traffic

  • Simplification of the complex, existing road layout to make the junction safer and more legible for all drivers and reduce potential for collisions.
  • Replacement of traffic signal equipment to improve efficiency and traffic flow using up-to-date technology and linking of new signals with the traffic signals recently installed on Lewes Road.
  • Resurfacing of the carriageway to improve the quality of the road surface and to improve the clarity of road markings.
  • The review of all local and advance directional signs on approaches to the gyratory to ensure they are clear and informative.

Improvements for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Improvements to the bus stop outside the Sainsbury’s Superstore, through the introduction of a ‘floating bus stop’ and larger bus shelter, similar to those successfully used in the Lewes Road Improvement Scheme further north. This will allow the No.25 bendy bus to call at this stop where currently they are unable to gain access.
  • Improved and simplified facilities for pedestrians, comprising pedestrian footway  improvements across the entrances to the Sainsbury’s car park and better pedestrian crossing provision.
  • Changes to kerb alignments and footway/cycleway levels to increase space available for pedestrians and cyclists helping them to move safely through the junction without coming into conflict or causing delay.
  • Priority green signals for cyclists at traffic lights, providing a three second head start to reduce conflict; and
  • Creation of a continuous 2 metre-wide northbound cycle lane, through the gyratory system, to increase drivers’ awareness of cyclists.

If you have any specific concerns please email us at lewes.road@brighton-hove.gov.uk or call 01273 290219.