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GMB Southern Region
news release, 15 September 2014
ICES Petition

GMB, the union for healthcare workers, has drawn up a petition to ensure Brighton and Hove City Council seek to fully & openly explore and consult on all in house service provision options, for the Protection of Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES) rather than unilaterally promote a biased move into the private sector.

The integrated community equipment service provides equipment to vulnerable city residents and is currently run by Sussex Community Trust in Shoreham Harbour, employing 15 council and trust staff. The trust has given notice on its contract, which will end in September 2015.

The Unions who are supporting staff within the highly regarded department, and who have been informed that Brighton and Hove’s Clinical Commissioning Group report has simply ruled out bringing the service in-house as a viable option even though unions and staff were told it would be looked at openly and objectively.

The GMB are asking officers fulfil their original task of seeking to develop a report fairly laying out all options which will allow continuation of a service for providing daily living and nursing equipment to people being cared for in the community within the Brighton and Hove area, and not simply allow the council a chance to discharge themselves of any responsibility to current or future service users, stakeholders and staff , by allowing this service to move to private provisions.

So, what can you do to help this campaign?

1. Sign our petition (below) against the privatisation options for Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES).

2. Write to your MPs, councillors and local newspaper.

3. Follow the campaign on facebook and twitter @GMBSouthern @GMBSussexBranch @jannerinsussex

For further details, please contact GMB Regional Office in Chessington on 020 8397 8881.

Sign ICES Petition