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Curating the Past: the monument, the archive and the database
Inaugural lecture, Professor Catherine Moriarty
29 October 2014
Brighton University media release 25 September 2014

How the past is represented in the present has always been central to many branches of the humanities.

This lecture explores a number of the frameworks within which the past is situated in the present through consideration of particular ‘sites of memory’ with which most of us are reasonably familiar: the monument, the archive, and the database. Rather than addressing the content of these sites, Moriarty explores how we need firstly to understand their structure, for it is through this that control over content, over what we do or do not see, is exercised.

Both art and design history offer ways to look critically at the organizing structures that make the past visible in the present. Such insights are especially vital since digital objects and networks accelerate the ways in which information is presented to and extracted from us, as well as requiring us to navigate and arrange content with increasing agility.

What does it mean to curate the past and what does this mean for researchers both within and beyond the university?

Catherine Moriarty
Curatorial Director of the University of Brighton Design Archives and Professor of Art and Design History
Wednesday 29 October 2014 at 6.30pm

Sallis Benney Theatre
58-67 Grand Parade

All welcome. Free event but you must register in advance. Light refreshments will be served after the lecture.

For any queries, or if you are having difficulties with booking, please e-mail events@brighton.ac.uk.