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To the Editor of the Letters Page
Civic Brighton and Hove Platform

George Monbiot described the present time as The Age of Loneliness (15 October) in the Guardian. Daniel Scharf suggested (18 October) the solution was the provision of co-housing. This form of development would not suit everyone.

In future plans for new housing need to be drawn up to encourage neighbourliness to counteract loneliness, so we need to analyse the forms of development which achieve neighbourliness.

i recently heard on television a man describing how in his youth he had lived in what the council officers described as slum housing, what they should have said was that these houses needed modernisation. As a boy this man said that he knew everyone in his street and many people in the neighbouring streets.

The council decided that all this terrace housing should be demolished and replaced with tall blocks of flats. This man said he knew no one in the neigbouring flats in his block. After 40 years the Council demolished the tall blocks of flats and replaced them with terraced housing. My informant got to know his neighbours once again.

We need some research into what forms of development encourage neighbourliness and discourage loneliness, and this should dictate the form of our new housing. It is unlikely be high rise flats, but it is likely to be high density low rise houses and even some low rise flats.

Selma Montford : Hon Secretary The Brighton Society