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THIS WEEK : Selma Montford: The hope that the £1bn schemes will all disappear

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IMAGE CREDIT: Selma Montford, Councillor Pete West, Mayor of Brighton, September 2016, Launch of North Laine Book

Selma Montford, response
To the editor of the Argus

Your article ‘Decade of delays on ‘£1bn schemes’ makes one hope that these schemes will all disappear to enable more sympathetic creative schemes to take their place.

The scheme for the King Alfred looks like a major office development rather than a place of enjoyment.

I note that the proposed changes to the Valley Gardens includes flower beds alongside the roads. I am not a fan of bedding plants, but if the Council cannot afford them alongside Preston Park how can they be afforded in the Valley Gardens? We must ensure that Valley Gardens scheme will be designed to reduce the level of traffic.

Surely the levelling of the Brighton Centre cannot be considered until either it is modernised or an other appropriate town centre site is found. How many delegates would be attracted to a Brighton Centre out of the town centre at Black Rock where there are no restaurants, pubs etc as there are in the ‘quaint’ Old Town. I do not think that we need any more shopping space in place of the Brighton Centre.

Your photograph shows the Circus Street development in full sunshine is misleading, in practice the flats are so close together that they are in shadow for most, if not all, the time.

I have looked at proposals for the Anston House site for more than 20 years, thank goodness none of them were ever built. I hope the present proposed fortification of flats along west side of Preston Park will go the same way.

A fairly good scheme at 251 and 253 Preston Road was approved some months ago, but again no work has even been started.

Are all these schemes too expensive to carry out, or are the sites being used as land banks?

I hope that in the future we shall be able to welcome some really good more appropriate schemes.

Selma Montford
10 Clermont Road Brighton BN1 6SG