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Fantastic addition for Brighton—The rebirth of civic life, Allan Grainger, August 2013

The Civic Brighton and Hove platform was founded in July 2013.

We offer weekly news and updates about amenity societies across the city, together with news about neighbourhood associations, friends of parks and other groups working to campaign with conservation and development issues located in specific areas of the city.

There is also a directory of associations and a talksboard about lectures in the city related to history and conservation issues.

The platform aims to be a news resource for amenity societies and also a news resource for people that want to find out more about the work of particular amenity societies in their part of the city.

The Civic Brighton and Hove platform was founded by Selma Montford, MBE, Honorary Secretary of the Brighton Society, and Simon Montgomery, who runs a web teaching company based in Brighton.

Selma Montford describes the work of the Civic Brighton and Hove platform best. She says, “our aim is to give amenity societies an opportunity to learn from each other”.

Simon Montgomery
co-founder, Civic Brighton and Hove platform
5 March 2016


Allan Grainger
Fantastic addition for Brighton—The rebirth of civic life

David Sewell, Pavilion Gardens Cafe
This is what I call support – please take the time to look at Civic Brighton & Hove Platform

Your new website looks very interesting. I will keep an eye on its future content,
Jane, Committee KAWHRA, Kingsway and West Hove Residents Association

Round Hill Society
The website is looking promising. Do feel free to take content from the pages which explain the work of The Round Hill Society if you would like to include us in the groups you already profile. Ted Power, The Round Hill Society