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Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society


Archaeology : Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society

Latest update: 29 December 2015

Campaign for a permanent local archaeology and history display in Brighton Museum

Our petition with some 3000 signatures …. was delivered to Brighton and Hove city Council on 23rd October 2015. Article by the Argus on 14th July 2015 on the issue, reproduced with the kind permission of Neil Vowles and the Argus Argus Article

Who are we ?
We are an amateur archaeological society based in the Brighton and Hove area, in the county of Sussex in England (inaugurated in 1906).

Our Objectives
To promote the study of archaeology and local history and to ensure the proper recording and preservation of local antiquities and relics

What do we do ?
During the Winter months we have a varied lecture programme on a wide range of archaeological topics and in addition our associated Local History Group also runs a lecture programme.

During the Summer we organize excursions for our members to some of the more unusual or hard to find historical sites in the South.

To cater for the “hands on” archaeologists among us the society has a very active Field Unit. Apart from “digging” our own site, we assist other groups and professional archaeologists during the season.

Local Archaeological News from the Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society (BHAS) Field Unit

BHAS Winter and Spring Saturday Events – 2015-2016

Programme for the Lecture Season

BHAS Field Unit
Volunteers are invited to join the BHAS Field Unit with or without experience, training will be given for those lacking in archaeological techniques.


The Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society Field Unit is a group of people dedicated to the research and investigation of archaeological sites around the Brighton and Hove area and along the South Downs.


The unit conduct research programmes of surveying, field walking and geophysical studies looking for new sites. Limited excavations of sites, at week-ends only, allow participation in all aspects of archaeological investigation.

The training in the techniques undertaken in the correct and accurate recording of archaeological sites is part of the educational programme promoted by the Society. Finds processing, including washing, marking and the cataloguing of finds are enhanced by educational day schools in the identification of archaeological artifacts.

Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society

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who are we?
our objectives
what do we do?
bhas field unit

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We are an amateur archaeological society based in the Brighton and Hove area, (inaugurated in 1906)