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Exeter Street Hall


Buildings : Exeter Street Hall

People power is alive and well in Brighton!

Exeter Street Hall was saved this year by the huge efforts of the local community. It was bought following a community share offer and now we have 800 shareholders.

If you have any connection with the hall, either now, in the past or maybe in the future, or if you would just like to support a community create a a lasting legacy for future generations, please go to our website where you will find our vision, business plan and share application form. You can purchase shares on our website by clicking Buy-a-Share or click


Thank you for coming to this page. It’s through the incredible fundraising achieved by the community that we’ve got here. Now we need to continue our efforts to help with the renovation of the Hall, including a new roof and toilets. With enough love and attention the Hall can be an incredible space – just look at these visualisations. If you want to help but can’t spare cash money then there are other ways to get help – see the contact page for more information.

You can help financially in three ways: by buying Shares, by making a Donation, or by becoming a Friend of the Hall. In short, shares let you become a Member of the Hall with voting rights, while donating simply contributes to our finances. It costs about £1500 per month to keep our Hall going and with enough Friends making a regular contribution we’ll have the security of knowing that the Hall’s on-going costs are covered and we can focus on improving the fabric of the building and developing more low-cost, inclusive community groups.

If you pay income tax then Donations and regular Contributions can benefit from Gift Aid, where the government will add 25% to your donation. We’ve set up both to be as tax efficient as possible both to the Hall and to you. We’ve also tried to make it as simple as possible but if you hit upon any snags, please let us know.

Click here to buy shares or click here to donate – or click here to become a Friend of the Hall.

TheHallGetInvolved came together at the end of 2011 inspired by a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Exeter Street Hall had been put up for sale by the Church and we wanted to get the Prestonville community to buy it as a community asset for all of us and future generations to enjoy for years to come. We didn’t want to find ourselves a few years down the line with developers moved in and regretting that we had lost such a precious community space.

Could a local community really raise enough to buy a property in Brighton? After eighteen months of campaigning and five months of fundraising we raised £180,000 and on 8th August 2013 we took ownership of Exeter Street Hall. It’s a testament to the hard work of the team, to the generous contributions of the community and beyond. We are hugely proud to have subsequently picked up some awards for our achievements.

We are a group of Directors made up of local residents and are supported by a 50-strong core group who all give their time up voluntarily. If you would like to volunteer then get in touch by contacting volunteer@exeterstreethall.org.

The Hall Get Involved Limited is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

  • Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 31628 R);
  • Recognised by HMRC as being a charity for tax purposes in line with Paragraph 1 of Schedule 6 Finance Act 2010, (HMRC reference number XT37371) and as being a charitable company for tax purposes.

If you would like to see documentation relating to the hall, including our policies and other important information, please click here. Our rules and associated documents can be found here.

Management Committee minutes can be found in our Dropbox, but these are password protected as they sometimes contain confidential information. For the password, please contact secretary@exeterstreethall.org.

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TheHallGetInvolved came together at the end of 2011 inspired by a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity