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Hanover Community Association


Neighbourhoods : Hanover Community Association

The Hanover Community Association is a registered charity (number 272127) and operates within an ‘area of benefit’, where we have a legal duty to concentrate our efforts. It is the area of dense terraced housing characteristic of old Hanover.

We aim to reflect the local values of sustainability, environmental responsibility, self-sufficiency and neighbourliness.

We do not depend on any outside funder for our running costs, including all the costs of leasing and managing the Hanover Centre. We are still here at the heart of Hanover after more than 30 years because we can do and say whatever is right for Hanover without fear of losing our funding.

We always need more volunteers and committee members. Why not come along to a meeting and find out more? Contact the office to find out when our next committee meeting is.

Every effective organisation needs a constitution, policies, good practice guides and a wealth of other documents, sometimes for legal reasons, sometimes for safety and security, but often just to be consistent and fair.

Documents that guide the day-to-day work of the community association and the community centre are listed here.

Hanover Centre: Building Starts
A group of local people came together in the 1970’s to try to set up a community centre for Hanover. The council offered a lease on the disused school building on Southover Street. In 1976 many local tradespeople started working for free on the project , sourcing materials wherever they could.

By March 1977 the initial volunteers were feeling the strain and a call went out for more people with building skills – especially anyone who could help with installing heating.

Nothing changes, it seems – we still regularly scour Hanover for new volunteers, and heating the building efficiently  is always on our agenda!

Finally, the Hanover Centre was prepared for its first night as a real community centre – the inaugural dance on Tuesday 7th June 1977.

Already the first Hanover Community Association committee was looking forward to a range of community events.

QueenSpark books published a community newsletter at the time, and the beginning of the centre was recorded in its pages.

The Hanover Community Association
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hanover centre: building starts

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A group of local people came together in the 1970’s to try to set up a community centre for Hanover