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Saltdean Residents Association


East : Saltdean Residents Association


Founded in 1934, embracing East and West Saltdean. To promote and safeguard the interests of the residents of Saltdean A non political and non sectarian organisation providing a collective voice for our members whenever and wherever necessary. SRA members receive a quarterly newsletter “The Resident”
Quarterly members meetings; January, April (AGM), July, October.

Saltdean Residents Association is a voluntary organisation run by local people who care about the community. To have your say in local decisions please Subscribe and become a member by using PayPal. We ask a nominal donation of £5.50 per household per year this helps keep our services running and allows us to host local events for Saltdean residents over the year.

The Membership year runs from January to December of each year and it allows us to continue supporting the community, producing ‘The Resident’ and various projects such sponsoring Community Responders, the Deans Youth Services “My Bus”, the local Football club and many others besides. Please check your membership card to see when your membership runs out.

70 Years of Saltdean Residents Association 1934—2004

The history of the Saltdean Residents’ Association (SRA)  is closely linked to the growth of Saltdean. The SRA was founded in 1934 to represent residents of the developing area in establishing and preserving local facilities and amenities, a role it maintains today.

In the early days the SRA campaigned for many of the amenities that are now taken for granted; such as street lighting, fire hydrants, bus services, sewage disposal, rubbish collection, sea defences, provision of shopping facilities and roads. The campaign for a school  began in 1946 but took until the 1960’s for it to be built. Many subjects have arisen time and time again as the area has evolved.

In more recent years the SRA has been involved with ; the saving of the Lido, the beach protection works, the Portobello sewage works, the Loos Barn site, the South Downs National Park and the retention of the Community Centre to name but a few.. The SRA has financially contributed to the multi- sports area in the Oval, provided the Coast Road  “village signs”, the Peace Stone and the commemorative seats in various locations in Saltdean. The most recent addition is in Longridge Avenue opposite the Grand Ocean Hotel, in rememberance of past SRA President Joseph Stokes. A current campaign is the provision of a zebra crossing in the Longridge Avenue shopping area. We have also donated £1,000 to the West Saltdean Local Tean.

It became apparent early on, that the community of Saltdean which is split between two local authority administrations and remains so to this day, that there were some disparities between East and West Saltdean. One of those was the timing of the street lights going out. On the East side lights went out at 11pm and it took many years of campaigning to alter this. The unification the area remains a topicial issue. In 2001, of those who voted in the SRA referendum of the area, 80% wanted a United Saltdean with the majority wanting Brighton & Hove as the local authority.

Without the work of the Saltdean Residents’ Association over the years, many of the facilities and amenities enjoyed by residents today would not be around. The SRA continues to watch over the area to ensure that it remains a highly desirable place to live for both young and older members of the community.

Saltdean Residents Association
70 Years of Saltdean Residents Association

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The SRA was founded in 1934 to represent residents of the developing area in establishing and preserving local facilities and amenities, a role it maintains today

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