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Across the city : saveHOVE

Engaging with environmental, infrastructure, conservation, planning and development issues in Hove

We are a working cyber-group, concerned with Conservation, amenity, planning, appropriate development and regeneration issues (especially the seafront and our irreplaceable heritage) along with how our Council serves Hove’s interests.

We work with one another as and when the need arises to address specific licensing or planning applications or to address threats to valued areas and buildings, especially Conservation Areas and Listed buildings.

Activity is mainly focussed within the following wards: Brunswick & Adelaide, Goldsmid, Central, Hove Park, Westbourne and Wish. Developments affecting the whole city are also addressed.

There are no formal meetings. Occasionally we come together over events & issues that concern us as a community – such as the tragic death of Portland Road grocer, Tony Magdi in late 2010, Mike Robins’ funeral – or, more happily, blue plaque dedications and social events.

Email saveHOVE – savehove@yahoo.co.uk with questions you have about local planning application problems and anything posted here. Periodic e-briefings about planning schemes, big developments and issues affecting the city are emailed to supporters.

The James Gray Photographic Collection – James Gray arranged a bequest – his thousands of photographs documenting the area would be bought by The Regency Society for £10,000 to his estate on his death. It is an invaluable research tool and resource and it is housed in Brighton Museum but available to look at on this website.

Judy Middleton – Her Encyclopedia of Hove & Portslade (partworks) is out of print now and most of the open shelf copies at Hove Library stolen. She created a website in 2012 on which to post her learned articles on local history matters.

Georgian Group – When called in by saveHOVE and The Brighton Society – and provided with case file evidence following a site visit with the applicants – this organisation was instrumental, with its 11th hour authoritative intervention, in tipping the balance that prevented glass penthouses being built on top of the Listed Old Market building.

Twentieth Century Society – Like the Georgian Group, they are an important umbrella group, based in London. As time goes by and the 20th century heads towards antiquity (!) this group will hopefully be so well established and venerated that the best of the 20th century will still have them to count on. It is already very important.

The Victorian Society – London-based umbrella like the Georgian Group and 20th Century Society and of equal importance. They sent a representative down a few years back to add its voice to the call to save the Listed Holy Trinity Church in Eaton Road by Goldstone Villas in Hove. Still standing and decommissioned, its future remains in limbo.

The Regency Townhouse – The Regency Town House is a Brunswick Square grade I Listed terraced home of the mid-1820s being slowly restored and developed as a heritage centre and museum to focus on the architecture and social history of Brighton & Hove between the 1780s and 1840s. They offer courses and online advice. Their new website is brilliant.

The Old Market (TOM) – Now owned by STOMP and hosting a menu place on its website for City Books bookings! Nice one. Relations between the new owners and residents are reportedly very happy.

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Engaging with environmental, infrastructure, conservation, planning and development issues in Hove

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